Additional Information

What Items is the CSFOT imposed on?

The tax is imposed on the same general merchandise base as state sales tax except:

  • Licensed and titled vehicles
  • Boats and RV’s
  • Unprepared food intended for home cosumption
  • Drugs, including vitamins and over the counter medications
  • Farm equipment, parts and inputs like fertilizer, seed, etc.
  • It does not tax anything that isn’t currently taxed

How can the proceed from CSFOT be spent?

  • They can be used for life/safety and other approved facility needs on a pay as you go basis
  • They can accumulate for future building or facility improvmeent projects
  • The funds can be used to pay for bonds for facility improvements (life/safety, alternate revenue, debt certificates, etc.)
  • Funds can be used to abate taxes on bonds issued for facility improvements
  • Proceeds can be spent on any combination of the above
  • Interest earned on monies in the school facilites fund may be transferred to the Education or O&M funds

What does “School Facilities Purposes” mean?

  • Acquisition, development, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation, improvement, financing, architectural planning and installation of capital facilities consisting of buildings, structures, and durable equipment
  • Acquisition and improvement of real property required, or expected to be required, in connection with capital facilities
  • Payment of bonds or other obligations issued for school facility purposes or issued to refund such bonds or other obligations, provided that the taxes levied to pay such bonds are abated by the sales tax proceeds used to pay such bonds
  • Fire prevention, safety, energy conservation, disabled accessibility, school security, and specified repair purposes set forth under Section 17-2.11 of the School Code

What items would be ineleigible for CSFOT expenditures?

  • Buses, trucks, mowers etc.
  • Computers
  • Moveable equipment
  • Salaries, benefits, utilities, supplies or any other operational costs